Rock Car Back Seat Tablet Stand Headrest Mount Holder for iPad Air 2 3 4 5 6 Mini 1 2 3 Tablet PC Holders For Xiaomi Huawei Pad

Rock Car Back Seat Tablet Stand Headrest Mount Holder for iPad Air 2 3 4 5 6 Mini 1 2 3 Tablet PC Holders For Xiaomi Huawei Pad
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Oписание продукта

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It is Xiaomi ecological chain products [There is no any Xiaomi LOGO on it]
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Product parameters
Product size: 109 × 64 × 29.5mm
Product net weight: 182g
Battery type: lithium ion battery
Input parameters: 5VE: 1A
Power connector: USB Type-C
Support system: Android43 or S90 and above
Wireless connection: Vi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2. 4GHZ
Screen size: 3.97 inches
Screen resolution: 800 × 480p
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The product is currently only supporting Chinese




Comprehensive testing of five major projects, air quality
See you
Judging whether the indoor air quality is good or not, PM2.5 is not the only one.
index. Xiaomi Mi home air detector, PM25, TVOC,
C○a, temperature, relative humidity, can be detected, let the air

The quality is at a glance.20181112_175937_15620181112_175937_157

T∨OC is an abbreviation for total volatile organic compounds, including thousands of species.
Compound, may have odor, irritation, some compounds may
Can be toxic. Oil for daily cooking and cleaning activities
Smoke, detergents, water vapor, etc. may cause T∨○C reading
The number has risen sharply, and the related activities have quickly fallen back.
Simply put, when T∨OC is high, window ventilation or
Open a new fan.
CO2 (carbon dioxide) is a common compound in the air, indoor
CO2 is mainly from human breathing. In a closed room, people
Breathing will cause the concentration of carbon dioxide to rise continuously, when the concentration
Some people may feel sleepy when they reach a certain level. This
In this case, open the window to ventilate or open a new fan to quickly lower the raft
Indoor carbon dioxide concentration. Xiaomi Mi home air detector is not
Directly measure C○ in the air, but push according to other parameters
Calculated, the value obtained is called CO2a (carbon dioxide approximation)
value). CO2a is not displayed by default and needs to be enabled in the settings.


3 high-precision sensors for more accurate measurements
Xiaomi Mijia air detector built-in 3 independent professional high precision
Sensor, located at the inlet and outlet of the device, for
PM2.5, T∨OC, COa, temperature and humidity are measured separately, fine
Pre-reflect the air quality. Always pay close attention to multiple indicators, guarding
Family health.



3.97-inch high-definition touch screen
A variety of operating methods, simple and intuitive
Compared with traditional air detectors, Xiaomi Mi home air detection
The instrument uses a capacitive touch with a resolution of 800 × 480p
Screen, sensitive, should slide left and right, click on it to check
See more. Built-in brightness sensor for ambient light
The line automatically adjusts the screen brightness, and night detection does not disturb. this
In addition, you can switch the main screen by operating the buttons.
View multiple reading screens.


Click on the data to see the value interpretation
Want to know more about the meaning behind the value, click on the data, ie
Detailed reviews of ratings, reviews, and values can be viewed. No need

With the mobile app, you can do it with one hand.20181112_175937_16320181112_175937_164



Click on the icon to view history
View historical data without the need for a mobile phone. Click on the main interface to read
Click the "" button to see the highest value of the last 7 days

And the lowest value, hourly historical data for the last 12 hours.20181112_175937_16520181112_175937_166


After networking, you can also check the weather forecast.
In addition to detecting indoor air quality, Xiaomi Mijia Air Tester
After the network can also display time, weather forecast, outdoor PM2.5, into
A small piece of desktop that is intimate for you.



Desktop handheld can be used, convenient and intimate
The Xiaomi Mijia air detector is placed on the tabletop, which is exquisite and compact;
USB Type-C interface power supply, built-in lithium-ion battery,
Use with occasional movement; gravity sensor\'s buck, accurate perception
Gesture, let the hand hold no pressure, pick it up and automatically switch to

Vertical screen display, convenient and intimate.

Remote monitoring, view your home anytime, anywhere
air quality
Even if you are away from home, you can check it in real time through Mijia APP.
Look at the values, evaluations and interpretations of air quality at home, and
Historical data, air quality, mastered by one hand.





Intelligent linkage to effectively improve indoor air
Through the Mijia APP, Xiaomi Mijia air detector can be linked to each
Air equipment, automatically open, intelligently improve the air inside the house, such as
Air purifiers, new fans, humidifiers, air conditioners, etc.



Built-in Mijia Bluetooth Gateway function
Support Mijia Bluetooth thermometer and hygrometer, flowers and plants monitor, flowers
Bluetooth sub-devices such as grass and flower smart pots are constantly increasing.