Gimbal Vibration Absorbing Board Module/Left & Right Visual Cable for DJI Inspire 2 Drone Replacement Repair Part Accessories

Gimbal Vibration Absorbing Board Module/Left & Right Visual Cable for DJI Inspire 2 Drone Replacement Repair Part Accessories
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Oписание продукта



Product overview
This product is intelligent vibration intrusion detector. It uses advanced signal processing techniques to ensure the stability of the product. When the intruder uses the tool to destroy the building and other equipment, the mechanical vibration, will cause the detector alarm. This product applicable to prevent other reinforced concrete and brick construction of the Treasury, wall and ATM machines and other equipment, effectively prevent the vault, weapons ammunition, museums and other equipment chisel wall, punched the door.
Function characteristic
The intelligent signal analysis technology
The sensitivity is adjustable
LED - ON/OFF adjustable
The alarm delay can be selected
The radio frequency interference (20V/m -1GHz)
It is controlled by the microprocessor
The use of SMT process, anti RFI, EMI interference
Technical parameters
Working voltage: DC12V
Static current: less than 15mA
Alarm current: less than 25mA
Warning: red LED
Alarm output: relay output (normally closed / normally open)
Alarm delay: 3 seconds or 3 minutes (adjustable)
Product installation
Location in the middle of the vibration detector of the detection range and the detector location and the installation of the wall structure, generally to reconcile the need to guard against the wall, the installation height in 1.82.5 meters between the. After the installation position is selected, the detector is fixed on the wall with a screw.
Product wiring:
There are 5 detectors,
Red line for +12V power level;
The black line is the cathode of the power supply;
The white line as a common relay output;
Normally closed contact of relay output;
The normal open contact of the relay output.
Product commissioning and use
Connected to 12V DC power supply, LED flash 30 seconds after the extinction, the detector into the normal state of the monitoring, at this time if the use of a hammer in the surrounding percussion, detector LED lights, and output alarm signal. If the alarm delay time in 3 minutes, when the detector is subject to vibration, relay output alarm signal, alarm signal duration is 3 minutes, during the 3 minutes, if the detector is again subjected to vibration, alarm time delay for the first time by vibration alarm delay time, time will not re open; when the first end of the alarm time, this detector if there is no subject to vibration, detectors will be in normal working condition, if the first alarm delay end still when subjected to vibration, the detector will continue to produce alarm.
Delay alarm delay adjustment by the choice of skipping, skipping 3 seconds or 3 minutes of the alarm delay.
LED ON LED ON/OFF selection can be closed or open jumper, LED indicator.
After the installation of the detector, the sensitivity can be adjusted according to the specific circumstances. Clockwise adjustment potentiometer, high sensitivity, can prevent the area is large; the counter clock adjustment potentiometer, the sensitivity is low, can prevent the area is small. Generally transferred to walk, the car from the road passing through the alarm, with a hammer can produce a warning.