Free shipping electric massage hammer NEW vibration handheld massage machine

Free shipping electric massage hammer NEW vibration handheld massage machine
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Smart Electric Heated Vibration Massage Neck Rest Pillow




Neck Pain Relief Kit

The neck massage pillow is a new generation of innovative health care product based on developments in physics,bionics and micro electronic technology. It combines a large number of clinical practices to produce a personal massage experience for the user. The massage unit is featured by streamlined design; it can instantly alleviate neck discomfort and neck fatigue, and has a micro heat function through three-point pressure massage and two stretching pints vibration massage.


It is to act air massage and vibration directly on the person\'s neck, by massaging tissues around the neck and the soft vibration massage point to point, the muscles may experience an exercise mobement, speeding up to clear up the restriction to the blood circulation inside the muscle, and improving the blooding circulation, so it immediately alleviate neck fatigue and prevent neck disease.


Neck Massager

Do you suffer from neck aches and pain after a long day\'s work? Are you constantly rubbing and massaging your neck during the day trying to relieve the tension? If so, then you need not look any farther than the Neck Massager from!

This advance neck massager provides 4 different kinds of massage therapy to soothe away the daily stress and muscle fatigue. Simply place the unit on the floor and lay down to position the device under your neck, then use the easy to use remote to customize your favorite neck massage. 

The rhythmic air pressure massage and high frequency vibration massage help to increase blood flow and easy away muscle knots, while the soothing heat therapy and acupressure stimulation loosen the muscles and smooth away fatigue and pain. Try each independently or mix up all for for a unique and revolutionary home therapy session. The compact design makes this device great for travel and is an ideal gift for any friends or family members who suffer with neck and shoulder pain. Buy your Neck Massager today from!


Neck Massager Features:

Helps relieve headaches, strain injuries, poor circulation, and migraine
Promotes deep relaxation and melts tension away
Customizable massage therapies provide relief for many different users

4 different therapy types:

rhythmic air pressure massager, acupressure stimulation, high frequency vibration and infrared soothing heat therapy Compact, lightweight and portable

Pamper your neck anytime and anywhere

1.Patented air pressure massage for effective relief of headaches, stiff neck and fatigue
2.Vibration massage for easing tensed muscles
3.Ergonomic design for maximum comfort
4.Portable and mobile


Components and their function

1. Controller: Control the whole operation of the unit.


1) Start On/Off Button: Turn on/off the device: press the button for 0.5 second to turn it on, and press the button for 0.5 second to turn it off.
2) Display Screen: Synchronically displays the operation state of the device.
Display screen
display zone: Respectively display three function: Air pressure, Heating, Vibration, by combing the above 3 functions, there are 7 output modes, namely: Air Pressure+Heating+Vibration, Air pressure+Heating, Heating+Vibration, Air pressure+Vibration, Air pressure, Heating, Vibration.The default mode for the starting mode is: Air pressure+Heating+Vibration.
B: Displaying of the Intensity, there are 5 levels of intensity for function Air Pressure, Heating and Vibration, marked by, the intensity level for the starting state is.
C: Time display area, time setting is divided into 3 time periods, respectively 10, 20 and 30 minutes.
3) Temperature Button: Temperature has 5 levels, respectively press the button in turn to choose the temperature and heat level.
4) Air Pressure Intensity Button: There are 5 intensity levels for the air pressure, respectively press the button to choose the appropriate level.
5) Vibration Intensity Button: There are 5 intensity levels for the vibration, respectively press the button to choose the appropriate vibration intensity level.
6) Timing Button:  There are 3 time period, respectively 10, 20, 30 minutes, press the button to choose the treatment time.
7) Mode Button: There are 7 output modes available, press the button to choose the appropriate mode.
8) Power Jack: It it used to supply the unit with power when the batteries are drained.
2. Massage Pillow
1) Side Airbags
Massage the muscle on both sides of the back neck by the two side airbags air inflation and air deflation.
side airbags
2) Bottom Airbag
Pamper the muscle in the middle of the back neck by the bottom airbag air inflation and air deflation.
bottom airbag
3) Vibration Points
The neck massage pillow can provide instant relief of fatigue around the neck with the flexible and vibration points, and it can strategically target FengChi acupressure points and JingBaiLao aucpressure point(Fengchi acupressure point and JingBaiLao acupressure point are two specific points to treat headaches and pain on the neck), it can instantly relieve headche, stiff neck and fatigue.
vibration points
4)Soothing Heat
with soothing heat to further enhance circulation and provide instant relief from aches and strain.
soothing heat
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